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Argostoli in the top 6 small European cities for winter travel

Traveling during the winter season is particularly popular, with many people traveling to the Christmas markets and marveling at the magic they exude.

In this context, Fred.Olsen searched through thousands of TripAdvisor reviews to discover the best small towns across Europe to put on your winter bucket list. Argostoli is among them, occupying the 4th place.

It is an ideal destination for those who want to combine the excitement of city life with the quintessential Greek travel experience.
Christmas celebrations in Greece are more religious in nature, which means there are many different cultural experiences. This makes Argostoli a unique place to visit in the winter months, says Fred.Olsen.

Cobb, Ireland

Sorrento, Italy

Lerway, Scotland

Kotor, Montenegro

Villefranche-sur-Seine, France

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