Taxi cost from Kefalonia airport to Assos


Taxi cost from Kefalonia Airport to Assos

Assos is a small and charming village located 36 km north of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia.A trip by taxi takes 50 minutes approximately to get there and today, it counts about one hundred inhabitants and is one of the most charming spots of the island. Dominated by the ruins of a 16th century Venetian castle, the village of Assos is built on a small peninsula reflecting a beautiful and warm atmosphere.Assos is a village of authentic beauty, light blue waters and traditional buildings that offer a unique scenery. 

The traditional architecture, the peaceful landscape and the pebbled beaches compose the natural beauty of Assos. A stroll around the narrow alleys reveals colorful houses with pink and white blooms, lovely paths and old churches. Little taverns perched on the quayside overlooking the bay attract most of the visitors. The visit to the castle requires a long walk amidst the olive tree forests until you reach an archway. This journey is quite interesting and refreshing.

The village square is situated near the waterfront where you will find the village war memorial as well as an anchor and an old cannon. Around it you will find a selection of tavernas and seaside cafes offering all amazing views to the harbor and the Assos castle on the opposite hill. The pebbly beach at the front has shallow waters ideal for children, so you can have a swim around the protected gulf, reach the opposite side and relax at the sunbeds.

How to get from Kefalonia Airport to Assos by Taxi

The easiest way to get from Kefalonia Airport to Assos is by booking a taxi with our company. The total travel time by taxi is estimated at around 55 minutes to cover the distance of 43 kilometres. The taxi from Kefalonia airport to Assos costs 70€ to 75€ approximately.

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Taxi Fare from Kefalonia Airport to Assos

You can book a taxi from Kefalonia airport  to Assos (vice versa)  by sending us an email,calling us or using your favorite app. The taxi costs 70€ to 75€ approximately, because there are fare fluctuations depending on the exact destination, traffic conditions and time of the year (low/high season) ! If what you are looking for are reliable prices, professional English-speaking drivers and a high customer satisfaction rate, you can always pre-book your ride with Kefalonia Taxi Service ! A driver will pick you up as soon as possible and will drive you quick and safely to your destination!

Where do I get the taxi from?

The taxi driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall holding up a sign with your name on. After you’ve been greeted by our English-speaking driver, he’ll help you carry your luggage to your pre-booked taxi. When you’re ready,the driver will begin the transfer to your accomodation.

Enjoy the ride

To help make sure your journey goes smoothly our drivers are well equipped, professional and experienced in picking you up from the airport and back. Your holiday starts the moment you step out your front door. There’s no worry about flight times changing, or having to lug your bags on your accomodation – we take care of the whole journey for you.

All that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy your scenic ride into Kefalonia.

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How do I get from Kefalonia Airport to Assos?

There are two transportation options for reaching Assos from Kefalonia Airport. One is to book a taxi with us, and the other is to get a bus trip with a change in Argostoli. With the first choice, you save time by arriving in 55 minutes. The second option is recommended for travellers on a budget but is quite tiring and lengthy.

How much is a taxi from Kefalonia Airport to Assos?

The taxi costs 70€ to 75€ approximately,If what you are looking for is a fixed price you can rely on, the best English-speaking drivers and highly professional transfers, you can consider booking your ride in advance with Kefalonia Taxi Service.

What’s the transfer time from Kefalonia Airport to Assos?

The total distance from Kefalonia airport to Assos is 43 kilometres and there are two transportation options available – a taxi or the bus. If you opt for a taxi, you will arrive at your destination in approximately 55 minutes. However, if you choose the bus, you can expect to arrive in 2 hours approximately.

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