Katelios is a small fishing village on the southeast of the island and 32 kilometers away from Argostoli. The taxi takes 30 minutes approx. to get there.Despite tourism, Katelios hasn’t lost its character and therefore the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere along with the beautiful green surroundings make it a top-notch destination for couples of all ages, families and more mature-minded tourists who want to escape from the city life.

A few meters further down, crossing a little river lays the beach of Agia Varvara where you can relax by the sea and enjoy snorkeling. If you want a bit more fun, in just 10min drive you can reach the lively resort of Skala offering a wide variety of cafes, bars, shops and activities as well as a unique endless sandy beach.The rural landscape and the beauty of the nature attracts walkers, bird watchers and all sorts of nature lovers from all over the world.

From Katelios you can enjoy stunning views of the Ionian Sea until the island of Zakynthos and the western coast of the Peloponnese. Here you could spend your evenings either in a local bar for a few drinks after having dinner in one of the ‘tavernas’ or on the beach under the starry sky. The locals have founded an NGO called “The Katelios Group” for the protection of the loggerhead turtles that lay their eggs on these beaches. If you want to learn more about these animals contact the volunteers of the organization who will be more than happy to inform you.

You can book a taxi from Katelios to Kefalonia airport or to any other destination you wish by sending us an email, calling us or using your favorite app. A driver from “Kefalonia Taxi Service” will pick you up as soon as possible and will drive you quick and safely to your destination!

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