Melissani lake

Melissani Lake

The Lake Cavern of Melissani is a unique geological phenomenon located 2 km northwest of Sami.The distance from Argostoli is 30 km and a taxi takes 30 minutes approx. to get there.The natural entrance of the cave is vertical (measuring 40×50 m) and was created by the collapse of a section of roof. Nowadays there is also an artificial entrance with stairs, which allows visitors to entry the lake cave. It was discovered by John Petrochilos in 1951.

The lake is 20m below the surface, is about 160m long and the depth of the water ranges from 10-40 m. Stalactites with an age of 20.000 years and odd shapes adorn most of the cave. It’s unthinkable to visit the island and not do the boats trip into this spectacular geological wonder.

The tour starts from the uncovered part of the cave where the light falls on the water and creates the most beautiful turquoise shades and continues in the part of the cave which is covered. In the center of the lake is a small island on which artifacts were found; confirming the ritual function of the cave. Mythology mentions that the cave was named after one of the nymphs, called Melissanthi who committed suicide because the God Pan was not responding to her love. The excavations carried out in 1951 and in 1962 brought to light artifacts (an ancient lamp, plates and figures of the nymphs and of the God Pan) dated to the 3rd and 4th century BC that were used during the post classical periods.

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