Pessada is located 15 minutes away from the capital city of Argostoli by taxi, on the south coast of Kefalonia. It’s a small village and harbor. It belongs to the region of Livathos, covering the southern part of the island and has 250 permanent residents, according to the 2011 census. Pessada is the port of Kefalonia that connects the island to the north coast of the Zakyntos, the port of Agios Nikolaos in Volimes.

It is a picturesque and beautiful fishing village with a cosmopolitan air, since its inhabitants are considered cosmopolitan and well-traveled. In the village you will find a small port divided into two coves.

One is used by the locals for fishing and that is why you will see many boats anchored, while in the other bay the ferry that connects Kefalonia with Zakynthos anchors.In Pessada, you will find tourist infrastructure, enough to be able to accommodate many visitors, while there is still an agricultural clinic, library, soccer and tennis.The beach of Pessada is beautiful and quiet, ideal for a quiet day in the deep blue of Ionian Sea. It is unorganized and you will easily reach to it by the village, descending the stairs and follow the small path to the sea.

The ‘Kefalonian Game Far’  at Pessada, is the biggest game farm in Greece:here pheasants,patridges and quails are reared for hunters who come from all over Greece to shoot them.The Hartouliaris winery at Pessda has a visitors’ cellar where you can taste the wines and buy the products of your choice.There is also a small interesting folklore museum.

The church of the Apostle Paul and Evangelistria are the most important churches of Pessada. On Easter Monday (Easter Monday or New Monday), is the liturgy of the icon of the Annunciation, followed by an Easter treat for the faithful and pilgrims to the Temple.

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