Robola winery

Robola Winery

The Robola winery is located 15 km from Argostoli and it takes 20 minutes approx. by taxi to get there. In 1982, the growers of the Robola Zone, in order to ensure their income, to protect and at the same time highlight the dynamic of Cephalonian Vineyard, armed with experience and knowledge, founded the Robola Cooperative of Cephalonia which currently comprises of 300 members.

The variety’s Italian-sounding name, together with its cultivation in the Ionian Islands located close to Italy, have led some to claim that the Robola grape variety is actually the same with the “Ribolla Gialla” variety cultivated in northeastern Italy. Whatever the case may be, striking differences between the two do exist, rendering Robola a truly unique and highly promising variety both in terms of morphology and taste. If properly cultivated and vinified, the grapes of Robola reward the effort in the best way imaginable, yielding dry white wines of refined character and expressing beautifully their terroir of origin.

Among the Ionian Islands, Kefallonia is more widely known for the cultivation of Robola where the variety yields the Robola of Cephalonia wines. Despite its vulnerable character, which requires barren, preferably mountain terrain, the variety is exceptionally productive to the point where restricting yields has become necessary in seeking to obtain a good Robola wine. 

The first gathering of grapes was made in 1983, when bottling and marketing began. In 1987 the Cooperative acquired its own winery, located in the centre of the Robola Zone, at an altitude of 410 meters, just below the slopes of Mount Aenos and beside the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos, patron Saint of the island.

The winery and vineyards are set amongst the rolling hills in the picturesque Omala valley in the Robola Zone. They are located a leisurely 20 min drive from Argostoli, capital of Kefalonia.

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