Nature has been very generous to the area of Sami as the location is surrounded by lush vegetation, underground caves and beautiful lakes. In Sami the green of the trees touches the white of the sand and the blue of the sea, offering stunning sceneries like those in the Hollywood film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” which was filmed in the town of Sami and the neighbouring beaches.

Sami is a perfect destination for your summer holidays in Greece. The delightful waterfront, the wide paved streets and the Venetian buildings offer the village a unique charm and reflect the rich heritage of the island. The main coastal road consists of modern amenities, shops and lovely cafes overlooking the busy port. A number of restaurants are found nearby as well as pretty accommodation for all tastes and budgets.

The town used to be one of the four major towns which formed the Kefalonian tetrapolis in the ancient times. It has been inhabited since the prehistoric age, whereas nowadays is a safe port for domestic and foreign ferries.

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