Skala is located 37 km away from island’s capital, Argostoli and a taxi takes 40 minutes approx. to get there. Skala is one of the major tourist resorts,built in 1956, after the earthquake of August in 1953, razed the old village which was a little above.Drive up to the remains of Old Skala where you can enjoy great views of the area.

It’s the most highly developed tourist resort of the whole area,thanks to its long, beautiful, well-organized beach and its crystal-clear water.Modern hotels have been built in the flat coastal strip, and holidaymakers come in their thousands.Towards sunset they emerge from their hotel rooms to take their evening stroll in the main street  and the village square, where there are numerous tavernas, bars, coffee bars and souvenir shops.

You can also visit the remains of the Roman Mosaics at the Roman Villa. It has developed  into an important and lively tourist area over recent years offering something for everyone! Skala’s  inhabitants are predominantly involved in fishing, agriculture and tourism.

Skala stands out for its natural beauty and unspoiled green landscape as well as crystalline waters and stunning coves. The long beach is located right above the settlement surrounded by lovely pine tree forests and rock formations. It is quite developed with tourist facilities and a water sports center.

From the populous villages of Kefalonia, Skala with nearly 760 residents, who come up to 1000m with the neighboring smaller settlements Ratzakli, Alimatas and Fanies, composes the homonymous local apartment of Skala.It offers tourist services covering the entire range of services and the needs of its visitors.

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