Spartia village is located 12 km southeast of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia and it takes 20 minutes approx. by taxi to get there.It is a traditional fishing village with abundant natural beauty that attracts many visitors. The beach of Spartia lies next to its fishing jetty enclosed by a steep limestone cliff known as Hatzoklis. The cliff gives respite to the beach from the afternoon sun as well as the strong winds.

Spartia beach offers stunning views of Mount Ainos and across the surrounding countryside, with the island of Zakynthos in sight. The little village of Spartia is 2.5km away or twenty minute walk where there are mini markets, tavernas and a beautiful sandy beach a short distance from the village. The south coast resorts of Lourdas and Trapezaki are nearby and worth visiting.

Spartia was the home village of Evangelos Panas, a ship’s captain who commanded the Kefalonian conntigent the routed Turks at the battle of Lala on the mainland in the War of Independence.Below the village there is a sheltered cove and a good beach where boats can be hired.The view over Lourdas bay and up to Mt.Enos is fantastic.

Spartia is every bit the oasis of tranquillity. The winding streets were originally designed to keep pirates away, but now they open up to churches, moussaka-bragging restaurants and relaxed bars.

If you like to stroll around the beach you will find interesting rocky enclaves and pools in the outcrops nearby. Water is crystal blue and warm. There are also a couple of taverns at the back of the beach.

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