Xi Beach

Xi Beach

Xi beach is definitely one of the most famous beaches in Kefalonia characterized by its white rocky hills that surround the beach and the reddish brown sand. It is a long drive from Argostoli about 40 km and 10 km from Lixouri. The beach took its name from the cove that has the shape of the letter X.

The beach is quite well-organized with straw umbrellas and sunbeds. Right on the beach is a nice bar serving cold drinks and snacks and a water sports center for the most adventurous types. The shallow waters and the gentle waves create the ideal environment for the children.

It is characterized by its grey rocky hills (20-30m high) that surround the beach and the reddish brown sand. Many people rub their bodies and faces with the clay of the surrounding cliffs as it is said to have cleaning properties. The grey clay, according to the ancient and modern scientists, has medicinal properties that can cure skin disorders and heal wounds. It is used for detoxification and many other disorders and injuries.

Around the area one will find many taverns, rooms to rent and small shops. A number of hotels are also available for your stay.

Antisamos Beach

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