Explore beautiful places on the island!


The biggest town of the island and one of the most popular destinations of the island is Argostoli, a town built amphitheatrically, with intense city life and active, full of various types of entertainment: shops for every taste, coffee to relax, bars and beaches nearby. Although Argostoli was totally ruined by the earthquake dated since 1953, there are still sites that depict the old Venetian architecture. If you enjoy night life, you can find clubs where you can stay until dawn.Book a taxi from/to Argostoli to any destination you wish !


Lassi is the main holiday resort on the island and nearest to the capital, Argostoli. Its good hotels, apartments/studios, plentiful restaurants/tavernas/bars and due to its lovely sandy beaches and proximity to both airport and town, the destinations of Lassi is understandably popular. Its central location on the island makes it an ideal starting place for exploring Kefalonia.Book a taxi from/to Lassi to any destination you wish!


One of the most popular destinations is the beautiful resort of Skala lies southeast of Argostoli. Being the largest resort of the southern part of Kefalonia, Skala welcomes tourists and Greek travelers every summer who wish to spend pleasant and relaxing holidays. Its main attraction is, its long expanse of fine shingle and sand, gently shelving into the sea. There is a small high street close to the beach with shops, tavernas and restaurants.


The relaxing destinations of Poros is located on the south east-coast of Kefalonia, built around a marvelous landscape of lush green forests! It’s ideal for independently-minded visitors who seek to escape the package tour complex resorts and find something more genuinely Greek.

Drogarati Cave

Descend the steps and an atmospheric subterranean world awaits you. Feels like the river of time stops flowing here, in the depths of the Earth. More than 300 years ago, a strong earthquake revealed the entrance to a miracle of nature: Drogarati Cave! This magical destinations has orange and yellow stalactites hang from the roof like curtains while vitreous stalagmites emerge to form spacious chambers.

Myrtos Beach

One of the top destinations,multi awarded and renown, it stands at the top of the list of the best Greek beaches and ranks among the best worldwide, for more than ten consecutive years. A beach once experienced, never forgotten. Framed by tall, steep cliffs, will seduce your vision to the endless horizon. This is Myrtos!

Agia Efimia

One of the top destinations,Agia Efimia is a quaint little fishing village situated on the east-coast of Kefalonia. It has a natural bay and beach and the bay has won numerous awards for its clean sea. Marvelous taverns and shops line the waterfront overlooking the wonderful architecture compose the unique setting of the village.


One of the top destinations at the north part of the island, picturesque Assos is built alongside of the cliffs of the same peninsula, among pine trees and cypresses. Sparsely built with traditional color, in an impressive landscape, Assos fascinates with the peace and simplicity it depicts. Apart from the wonderful waters of Assos peninsula, nearby lying small bays that wait for you to discover them.


One of the top destinations,Sami is on the east-coast of Kefalonia facing Ithaka and due to the large natural harbor plays an important role on the island, connecting Kefalonia with Ithaka and with mainland Greece. In sami was filmed the “Captain Corelli’s mandolin” based on the novel of Louis De Bernieres. This picturesque village has a dozen little tavernas and cafes as well as studios, hotels and apartments.

Melissani Lake

One of the most breathtaking destinations,the Lake Cavern of Melissani is a unique geological phenomenon located 2 km northwest of Sami. The natural entrance of the cave is vertical (measuring 40×50 m) and was created by the collapse of a section of roof. Nowadays there is also an artificial entrance with stairs, which allows visitors to entry the lake cave. It was discovered by John Petrochilos in 1951.

The lake is 20m below the surface, is about 160m long and the depth of the water ranges from 10-40 m. Stalactites with an age of 20.000 years and odd shapes adorn most of the cave. It’s unthinkable to visit the island and not do the boats trip into this spectacular geological wonder.

The tour starts from the uncovered part of the cave where the light falls on the water and creates the most beautiful turquoise shades and continues in the part of the cave which is covered. In the center of the lake is a small island on which artifacts were found; confirming the ritual function of the cave. In antiquity, prehistoric people worshiped the god Pana and the presence of female figures, known as nymphs. That is why the Lake Cave of Melissani is also called Cave of the Nymphs.


One of the most cosmopolitan destinations,Fiscardo is located on the northern tip of Kefalonia in a very beautiful area. Around Fiscardo, dense forests reach down to innumerable small coves where pebble beaches are lapped by crystal clear water. The picturesque harbor is surrounded by Venetian-style houses painted in pastel colors, in summer the harbor is filled with vessels from small sailing boats to large yachts all nestled together a few feet from pavement restaurants and cafes specializing in traditional Greek cuisine.


The westernmost of the two peninsulas of Kefalonia is the one of Paliki; Lixouri is the second greatest town of the island, however it is a peaceful town that is offered for relaxation. You can enjoy your coffee, your pastry sweets and the local cuisine at the port, at the square with the famous ficus plant and whatever site draws your attention.


Svoronata is a sleepy village in the southwest of Kefalonia, 9 kilometers from Argostoli and very close to the village of Lassi. Even though it is known for its close proximity to the airport, it is a peaceful and picturesque place, ideal for quiet holidays. It is one of the few villages on Kefalonia that you could admire the traditional architecture in the way it used to be before the devastating earthquake of 1953. It is quite a flat region, perfect for long walks in the winding and narrow streets. Have a walk early in the evening to enjoy the colorful gardens with the lovely scents from all sorts of flowers. Svoronata offers a lot of options for accommodation, including many new resorts and villas, there are hotels with pools and beach bars for more luxurious holidays by the beach and studios. Svoronata combines tourist development with tradition, the hustle and bustle of the airport with peaceful holidays and lovely beaches with busy cities nearby.


Even though the village of Lourdata is just 16 kilometers away from the big city of Argostoli, it is in a privileged location of lush vegetation and fertile plains in the area of Leivathos. It is surrounded by Mount Aenos which protects the colorful gardens and orchards from the strong winds blowing here. There are plenty of options for accommodation here, including 2 and 3-star hotels, apartments, studios and villas, nowhere else you could combine the luxuries of modern life with the beauty of the nature. The beach in Lourdata is a vast sandy beach and one of the longest on the island. There are organized parts but because of its size you will also find a lot of secluded and peaceful spots for more privacy. Enjoy your cocktail on the seafront as the sun is going down.

Xi Beach

One of the best destinations for swimming ,Xi beach, is definitely one of the most famous beaches in Kefalonia characterized by its white rocky hills that surround the beach and the reddish brown sand. It is a long drive from Argostoli about 40 km and 10 km from Lixouri. The beach took its name from the cove that has the shape of the letter X. The beach is quite well-organized with straw umbrellas and sunbeds. Right on the beach is a nice bar serving cold drinks and snacks and a water sports center for the most adventurous types. The shallow waters and the gentle waves create the ideal environment for the children. Around the area one will find many taverns, rooms to rent and small shops. A number of hotels are also available for your stay.


Trapezaki is a very long, sandy beach. It is located near the village Moussata and at a short distance from the village Lourdata that both belonged to the former municipality of Livathos, in the southern part of Kefalonia. In Trapezaki, you will find fine sand and very shallow waters, it is ideal for small children and play in the sand.

The beach is not crowded and is sure to offer you moments of peace and seclusion, if is that you are looking for. The surrounding area is one of the most popular points of Kefalonia, with a range of accommodation for visitors and excellent organization. The access to Trapezaki is easy, is 13 kilometers from Argostoli, while by car, you will reach in the end. Before arriving at the beach, in a wooded pine hill is the church of Our Lady, where you can worship and admire the view.

Antisamos Beach

The island of Kefalonia attained special glamour and publicity because of the Hollywood production “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, starring Nicolas Cage, Penélope Cruz, Christian Bale and John Hurt, which was filmed in the year 2000 on the island. The beach that fascinated most viewers was none other than the beach of Antisamos.

Antisamos Beach is one more beach of Kefalonia, which has been awarded with the blue flag. It’s a beach with small pebbles, located a few kilometers from the port of Sami. The landscape combines all shades of blue and green, where the vegetation once again grows almost into the sea.


Katelios is a small fishing village on the southeast of the island and 32 kilometers away from Argostoli. Despite tourism Katelios hasn’t lost its character and therefore the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere along with the beautiful green surroundings make it a top-notch destination for couples of all ages, families and more mature-minded tourists who want to escape from the city life. The rural landscape and the beauty of the nature attracts walkers, bird watchers and all sorts of nature lovers from all over the world. From Katelios you can enjoy stunning views of the Ionian Sea until the island of Zakynthos and the western coast of the Peloponnese. Here you could spend your evenings either in a local bar for a few drinks after having dinner in one of the ‘tavernas’ or on the beach under the starry sky. The locals have founded an NGO called “The Katelios Group” for the protection of the loggerhead turtles that lay their eggs on these beaches. If you want to learn more about these animals contact the volunteers of the organization who will be more than happy to inform you.