pita gyro

Greek street food…”Gyros”

Gyros is one of the most popular Greek street food dishes, consisting of meat such as pork and chicken (in Greece) or lamb and veal (popular in other countries) cooked on a vertical spit. The meat is sliced in thin shavings and is then usually placed in a pita bread along with sauces such as tzatziki and vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and cucumbers.

Recently it was named among four Greek delicacies that have made it to the top 50 foods of the world for 2022 according to TasteAtlas, an experiential travel guide for traditional food.

The name literally means ”round” or “loop” and many theories exist about the history and its origins. Is it just a Greek variation of the globally known Turkish kebab? Or could it date back to ancient times, when the army of Alexander the Great was known to skewer and roast various cuts of meat on long swords over an open fire?

Others claim that gyros was introduced to Greece in 1922, with the refugees from Constantinople and Smyrna. Many of the refugees became merchants and opened their shops with tiny holes in the wall, where gyros was sold. After WWII, gyros gained popularity and spread to Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Today, gyros is known as one of the most popular street food varieties around the world.

Προηγούμενο άρθρο
The Septinsular Republic
Επόμενο άρθρο
International Greek language Day

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