Kefalonia Taxi Service

A few words about us:”Kefalonia Taxi Service” is a family-run, local taxi firm. Our company was established on the notion of making the customer’s journey better.We always put customers at the heart of the business – you are the reason we are here.

Our vision was to launch a taxi service which is hassle-free, convenient and reliable.We love what we do and we care about our customers. We always do our best to further improve the experience we offer. 

We are a taxi company with experience and high quality service located in Argostoli, the capital city of Kefalonia. The company is equipped with a fleet of modern taxis, gentle and local authorized English speaking drivers.All these in order to provide safe and joyful ride to your destination across the island. Our aspiration is to provide the best possible service to our clients with the best price in the network.

In “Kefalonia Taxi Service” our guest can enjoy a host of services that turn the simple city move into a pleasant experience. Whether it’s a small route or a long day trip, our company has the ideal solution.The booking process is simple and the drivers very experienced. The co-workers discreet and well-trained and the vehicles are luxurious and in excellent condition.

Whatever the reason and the time is and you need to travel to Kefalonia. “Kefalonia Taxi Service team” is always next to you and offers safe routes and comfortable journeys.

It is our pleasure to make you feel special when you arrive at Kefalonia airport. Our driver will be waiting for you! Our company is designed to meet the needs of every client. About us you can find several references and excellent reviews on social media and TripAdvisor!

We are always next to you

Contact us now to book a taxi! Call, send an email or use your favorite app. You may also complete our contact form to discuss the details of your transfer. You can easily plan a trip around Kefalonia for any number of passengers. Our ” KTS team ” will send you a reply within a couple of minutes!

Be our guest!


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