Our Fleet

Here at “Kefalonia Taxi Service”, our fleet is consisted of mainly 4 seater taxis.We also have mini busses up to 19 or more seats. We work hard with our drivers to ensure our fleet taxis always meet the highest standards.We provide access to a large fleet of vehicle sizes and types. Regardless of your party size and luggage or special requirements, we can usually provide the perfect vehicle.

So,if you have any queries about vehicle suitability or availability, we’d be delighted to help.Get in contact with us and we’ll talk you through the options of our fleet.

Our taxi quotes provide you with the best options for your travel to and from your location. Whether you are at Kefalonia airport or in a seaport. Our team can help you quickly book a taxi based on your needs. 

Safety above all

It may be hard to figure out how dependable a taxi company is until you see the fleet of vehicles it operates. At Kefalonia Taxi Service, we take extra care to keep of our fleet. Our cars clean, topped up with essential fluids and on top of their maintenance schedules. Their wheels are aligned, tyres checked, interiors disinfected, and engine performance maintained at the highest level. The result? Our fleet epitomises reliability for your trips to/from the airport and across the island.

At Kefalonia Taxi Service we also offer a professional car service to our clients. We drive you to and from the airport and seaports and throughout the island on time and safely.

We have a wide range of vehicles which can be suited to your needs, perhaps you need to make an impression to a potential client, or maybe there are a few of you traveling to an important meeting.

Kefalonia Taxi Service have every one of your needs covered. Whether its a Van you require or maybe a luxury 4 door saloon, we have you covered.

With all our vehicles being book-ready, you are sure to enjoy your ride in a Taxi, Van, Bus.

Kefalonia Taxi Service is an excellently organized group of drivers in Kefalonia, with vast experience in the field of transfers.

It is comprised of experienced professional and polite drivers, all holders of certificates of suitability issued by the Ministry of Transport and Tourism. They are all able to speak English.

They are also familiar with all different regions and sights of Kefalonia, they are considerate and carry out their job consistently and punctually, always showing their respect for the client.

We know that our drivers will be the first and the last people that you will meet on your visit in Kefalonia that’s why we do always our best to have the most beautiful impressions from the island.

We’ll be there for you

We are here to make your stay on Kefalonia better. Our taxi vehicles are new, comfortable, air-conditioned, and clean. Even more, our prices are fixed with no hidden fees!

 We have experienced taxi drivers with zero accident records. We love children and would make the extra mile to make them feel comfortable. Hence, you can ask the driver, for example, to lock the doors so that they don’t open from inside. Similarly, you can ask anything else we would be able to provide you. Our aim is to give you the best taxi services.

Another advantage of the Kefalonia Taxi Service is that we offer a meet and greet service for airport transfers for free. You can ask your driver to meet and greet you at the Airport’s arrivals lounge. It is a free service we provide at airport pick-ups!Our Fleet

Mercedes Benz & Peugeot Vehicles

Mercedes Benz saloon taxis and Peugeot Partner mini van (4 seater vehicles of our fleet):

 If you are a picky traveller and really care about what you are charged and what vehicle shows up to pick you up, a saloon may be your best bet. Saloons are less refined in luxury terms than executive cars and less spacious than Vans or Estates. That said, nothing is more practical and economical than a saloon car taxi for your trip to your accomodation.

Our saloons are Mercedes & Peugeot and other brands’ models valued by their all-rounder qualities. They are fuel-efficient, and compact on the road. Our saloons can carry up to 4 passengers, so you can book one for a small group.

The most well-liked and cost-effective, for comfortable and quick transportation of four passengers around Kefalonia. It meets all the requirements of safety. The interior of the cars are equipped with sound insulation, power rear sunshade and cup holders.They also have dual climate control, stereo music and navigation screen.The leather seats completely repeat the bodylines, adapt to the movement of the car.

Peugeot 308 SW 

Peugeot 308 SW estate is a rarity; a compact estate car that not only looks good but is really practical too.This model’s hard to fault thanks to a classy interior, a comfortable ride, and,most importantly of all, enough space in the boot to embarrass every other rival in the segment.

Peugeot 5008 SUV:

The first-generation of Peugeot 5008 is a roomy and family-friendly SUV that offers space for seven and a huge amount of boot space. It offers flexibility, too, with a sliding middle row of seats that allows you to choose between more legroom and extra boot space.

Mercedes Benz (Mini Bus) and Peugeot Traveller (Van) , 19 & 8 seater vehicles of our fleet :

If you want to travel in comfort and safety with all your family or friends.We have a solution for you, so you can choose either a “Mini bus” or a “Van” from our fleet. They combine comfort and a number of active and passive safety systems.They also have a powerful motor and the new “adaptive ESP”.These features take into account the current payload vehicle. So you will always be safe and comfortable, making it easier to enjoy travelling with the vehicles from our fleet.

Enjoy the Journey